The Beginner's Guide To Colour Psychology

ISBN 0954065700
GBP £12.99
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The Beginner's guide To Colour PsychologyIn this book Angela Wright explains exactly what colour is and how it works, discussing traditional ideas about its influence on behaviour and mood before going on to describe the discoveries she has made over the last thirty years. It shows you how to apply the theory of colour to yourself and your wardrobe, whatever your gender, race or colouring, and expands on applications in your home, your workplace and in commercial design. Personality types and their relationship with specific colours and tones are described fully. Quizzes and practical examples help you to work out your 'personal palette' and identify which colours are most supportive for you. The combination of practical advice and insight into the human condition is irresistible.

"Thank you for writing your wonderful and very informative book. I enjoyed it tremendously." - Kelly McGuire, Australia.

"This answers so many questions I've always had about colour" - Edmund Simons, Worcestershire

"In one word, this book is brilliant" - Shirley Jeffers, Southampton

Have you ever wondered why you have a favourite colour, or why an advertising campaign has affected you so much? Have you ever walked into an office and wanted to work there or buy their products? What about some of your friends homes - why do you just relax and chat away in some while always feeling its time to go in others.... Angela Wright takes us through both the theory and practical application like a breeze. Whether a novice or an expert you won't regret picking this one up.

Buy it....enough said! - Amazon customer