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Qualified in a system that is scientifically validated at the highest academic level and accredited by a respected international professional body?


                                                         Colour Affects professional qualification course is the answer:


Angela Wright is well known throughout the academic world of colour science for her radically different Wright Theory – a unified theory of colour psychology and colour harmony, written in 1984 – which forms the basis of The Colour Affects System.

All courses start with learning the Wright Theory, encompassing the four personality types and how people might respond differently to the same colour, and learning to classify any colour into its harmonious group. With this solid grounding in recognising personality types and understanding their typical attitudes, not just to colour, but to form, texture, use of space and a variety of social situations, you will have the confidence of knowing that you can provide colour schemes that are objectively based on an educated prediction of what will appeal to your client.

The basic course is 80 hours of regular tuition – plus homework assignments.Normal colour vision is a prerequisite of the course and   students’ colour vision will be tested at the outset. If you have doubts about your colour vision, please contact Colour Affects for a test before you confirm your booking.  There is no other pre-requisite to do the course, but there is a recommended reading list that will be provided, and a few exercises set prior to commencing, to gauge your current understanding of colour.

The professional syllabus encompasses the science behind colour, the history of colour theories, personal characteristics that drive our individual response to colour, mathematically sound colour harmonising, which enables you to create colour palettes that are universally positive, and how to integrate colour psychology into your life - both professional and personal:


Learning Outcomes

-  An overview of colour theories – from Plato and Pythagoras to the present day.

-  Fundamental tenets of colour science.

-  The physiological processes that determine emotional responses to colour

-  The difference between colour symbolism and colour psychology, with examples of both.

-  The Colour Affects System and the theory behind it

-  The psychological properties of the main hues, both positive and negative.

-  The behavioural patterns of the four psychological personality types.

-  The four colour groups and how to classify colours correctly into one of the four fundamental     colour palettes.    

-  The relationship between the four personality types and the four colour groups.


1)      One weekend a month, Sat. & Sun 10.00am – 5.00pm, for 6 months plus course work.


This is useful for those who cannot take two weeks out of their lives, but can travel for weekend classes. Payment of fees for this course can be staggered.

   2)     Intensive 2 week course Mon-Fri 9.00am -5.00pm

This course is extremely intensive and demanding.It is designed for those who, for reasons of location or convenience, want to carry out their learning as quickly as possible (many of our international colourists travelled from very far afield to complete this course).  This option can be arranged at relatively short notice


The cost for either option is £2,500.00. This includes all materials and the certificate.

If a student achieves at least 70% marks in the exams, and demonstrates successfully that s/he can put the Colour Affects System into practice effectively, s/he will be designated an accredited Colour Affects consultant; s/he will receive a joint Competence in Colour certificate from the SDC and Colour Affects.   



  • 08/09 October 2016
  • 12/13 November 2016
  • 03/04 December 2016
  • 07/08 January 2017
  • 11/12 February 2017
  • 11/12 March 2017
  • 08/09 April 2017                                                             



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