Fact Sheet

The Company:

Colour Affects was founded in 1985, to help individuals and organisations to harness the profound psychological influence of colour on human response and behaviour. The company advises corporate clients on colours for branding, packaging, web, interiors and product design, and individuals on colours for personal growth, fashion, make-up and hair colouring and residential interiors.

Founded in 1985 by Angela Wright, FRSA.


The Colour Affects Network of consultants operates in UK, Ireland, Australia, South Africa, South America, USA, Sweden and Eastern Europe, providing consulting on the following:

  • Personal
  • Interiors
  • Corporate

Colour Affects Teaching:

Since 1985, hundreds of people around the world have studied the fundamental principles of the Colour Affects System. The teaching program provides as little or as much as you need - from a one-hour introductory seminar to complete professional qualification. All courses are interactive and, apart from one-hour seminars, involve students in practical experiments with colour.

Colour Affects is associated with various organisations and academic leaders in the world of colour. These include: