Personality Type 4: Starlight

(Echoing the natural patterns of Winter.)

Group 4 colours are cold, and either very light, very dark or very intense.
Hue: Cold (Contains blue) Value: Extremes (very light or very dark). No mid tones. Chroma: High
These colours are very clear and strong, with no subtleties.
The potential negative perceptions of Group 4 are cold, uncaring, unfriendly, materialist, and expensive.

The winter landscape is hushed and when snow falls heavily, it is virtually achromatic - everything disappears under a blanket of pure white. But under the surface there is powerful energy as the regeneration process develops. Without leaves on the trees, outlines are stark and minimal, with strong contrasts. Imagine a snowy field, where you see an expanse of white and the apparently black shape of a leafless tree, its bare branches etched against an icy blue, or cold grey, sky.

Type 4 personalities automatically command respect. They are internally motivated and have a gift for seeing the broader picture and for delegation. They set their sights on the objective and they are not easily diverted. They are often very efficient, and precise in everything they do. They do not suffer fools. Their response to foolishness will often be sarcastic and, unlike Type 3 - who will stop and explain, fifty ways if necessary - they will simply move on.

The challenge for Type 4 personalities is to pay attention to other people's feelings. They can be perceived as elitist, cold and uncaring.

Famous personalities who appear to embody the Starlight pattern are Victoria Beckham, Oprah Winfrey and Sean Connery.



Harry is quiet and never throws a tantrum or behaves like a drama queen - but she has presence.

Those ski-slope cheekbones and patrician features could only belong to a Starlight personality.

In commercial use of colour, these colours are widely used for aspirational brands. They communicate uncompromising standards, leadership and status. They are appropriate for state-of-the-art products, cutting-edge design and anything that could be described as glamorous, sophisticated or ultra chic.