Personality Type 3: Firelight

(Echoing the natural patterns of Autumn.)

Group 3 colours are rich, fiery and offbeat

Hue: Warm (contains yellow) Value: Mid to low Chroma: Low to high

These tones are again warm, but much more intense and fiery. They contain black in their mixing (e.g. olive green is yellow mixed with black) but black itself does not belong in this group.

Misused, Group 3 tones can convey heavy, old-fashioned, boring predictability and bossiness.

Go back again to the countryside and see how things have changed since the first warmth of spring. The temperature might be the same, but nature's mood is quite different and so is her apparel. The bright, perky flowers, in warm blue, lilac, orange, and yellow, have been replaced by rich golds, fiery reds, purples, burnt orange and brown - and not in flowers, but in the leaves. Nature is abundant, as we harvest all the fruits of the year's cycle; it is mature and ripe, with great drama in the landscape.

Similarly, each day at sunset, the mood has changed: we have done our work since morning and now there is a sense of completion of the natural cycle. The colours of the sunset are fiery, rich and golden (the simple explanation for that is the greater number of atmospheric particles generated during the day, compared to overnight).

The Type 3 personality is, like Type 1, externally motivated. However, there are great differences - Firelight people are intense and strong. They are all fiery, to a greater or lesser degree (depending on their subordinate influences); if they have a strong Dreamlight secondary influence, this might not be apparent, but it is there; they can also be flamboyant.

The challenge for Type 3 personalities is to keep their wish to save the world in proportion. They might be perceived as bossy and tedious.

Famous personalities who appear to be linked to Type 3 abound: they include Jennifer Lopez, Julia Roberts and Bob Geldof.



Naomi is almost an archetypal Firelight personality (just a touch of Starlight): her energy is intense and her eyes are an amazing mix of green-blue and golden tones.

Dixie is a very different Firelight type from Naomi: her subordinate influence is Morninglight and she is generally lighter, both visually and in her personality, than a typical Firelight.

In the commercial world, these colours are easily the most widespread. They are particularly appropriate for well-established companies (of all types) with a proud heritage: for example, world famous department stores all seem to have instinctively adopted them long ago - and they do not appear to feel any need to change them; these colours are appropriate for any brand where strength and integrity are important - e.g. sports, construction, organic food production.