Personality Type 2: Dreamlight

(Echoing the natural patterns of Summer.)

Group 2 colours are cool, subtle and delicate:
Hue: Cool (contains blue) Value: Mid range (most contain grey) Chroma: Relatively low
These tones are cool, contain more grey and, whilst also delicate, are not necessarily light.
Negatively they may be interpreted as draining, unfriendly, aloof, elitist, and 'wishy-washy'.

In the natural world, as the year progresses and the earth begins to dry out, a softening process sets in. The vivid green leaves tone down to a cooler, darker green that perfectly enhances the soft colours of roses, sweet peas and wisteria. When the sun beats down, the colours are bleached out; the concept of coolness becomes very attractive. Imagine a quiet afternoon sitting under a tree, contemplating the peaceful countryside and the heat haze in the distance, or drifting through a rose garden at twilight on a summer evening.

Similarly, at noon, the colours are less clear, especially if the sun is strong; at this time of day, the human instinct is to take a break and relax for a while.

This person is essentially cool, calm and collected. They are internally motivated, but equally very sensitive to what others are feeling. Their humour is subtle and often dry; they can be very witty. They have a natural gift for identifying the essence of any situation, and gently cutting through all the hot air and emotion with a one-line observation.

The challenge for the Dreamlight personality is in appearing aloof and unfriendly - and the need to resist the efforts of their livelier friends to jazz them up!

The Type 2 personality does not seek the limelight, but some famous people who appear to demonstrate these characteristics are HM The Queen and Prince Charles (who had it thrust upon them), the British actress Kristin Scott-Thomas and Nelson Mandela.



Noel really shows the typical gentle thoughtfulness of Type 2 in this picture. His subordinate influence is Firelight, as you can see from the relative warmth in his hair.

Alison's hair also appears to have some golden lights in this picture - She too has a subordinate influence of Firelight.

In corporate design, these colours are most appropriate where calm order, timeless elegance and delicacy are required. They are the antithesis of vulgarity and work well , for example, for up-market lingerie brands, luxury hotels and law offices - as well as for government buildings, medical centres etc.