Personality Type 1: Morninglight

(Echoing the natural patterns of Spring.)

Group 1 colours are clean, clear and fresh:
Hue: Warm (contains yellow) Value: High (little, if any black) Chroma: Mid to Relatively Low

Clear, delicate warm colours containing no black.
Negatively, they may be perceived as insubstantial, frivolous and cheap.

If you go out and look at nature in spring, it has a very specific colour scheme and an unmistakable personality. Everything is coming back to life after the long dark winter months and it is very lively. Birds make a lot of noise and the whole animal kingdom is busy; bright warm colours burst forth and spirits lift. The melting snow and ice fill the earth with water and create a sparkling awareness of the fresh and the new.

All year round, at sunrise, the colours are very clear, as a new day begins and we all come back to life after the dark night; the sun returns and we focus on the day ahead.

The personality that reflects all this is externally motivated and eternally youthful. They are light on their feet, love to dance and have an indefinable quality of lightness about them. They are often very clever, but don't like to get bogged down with heavy academic debate.

The challenge for this type is single-mindedness; they have the gift of attending to many things simultaneously, but might be accused of being superficial and frivolous. Their emotions can be fragile.

Examples of famous people who appear to reflect this pattern are: Dame Judi Dench, Bill Clinton and Olivia Newton-John.

Michelle and Leroy
Two aspects of the same pattern.

Michelle is the type of Morninglight known as Golden: almost archetypal Morninglight personality, blonde, with sparkling blue eyes and a bubbly personality. Her subordinate influence is Firelight.

Leroy is the type known as Vital Morninglight: his subordinate influence is Starlight. His colouring is relatively dark and his features more chiselled; he is naturally slightly less exuberant than Michelle (It's a pity they are both wearing black!).

In corporate communication, these colours will be most appropriate for brands focusing on youth, fun, media and optimism etc. e.g. toy companies; PR and marketing, childrenswear, leisure.