Colour In Your Home

An important part of Colour Affects' work is in complementing the work of interior designers and architects by designing residential colour schemes. We meet all the residents to assess their different needs, and create the ideal palette for that home.

Home is not necessarily where we spend the most time, but if the old saying is true - that it is where the heart is - it is where we need to feel most comfortable. Ideally it should provide a sanctuary to which you can retreat, a place where you can enjoy being yourself and welcome your friends and loved ones - and a solid base from which you can go out into the world and do whatever you need to achieve. It is very important that it reflects and supports the personalities of those living there, which might appear to be a bit of a challenge if it sometimes feels like a war zone. However, although they might be very different people, if they are living together the chances are that they have quite a lot in common and the right colour palette will ease tensions and support harmony.

Some people study interior design fashion closely and spend a fortune on getting it exactly `right.' As a result, their homes might be achingly fashionable, but often can end up looking and feeling like a museum. Whilst fashion should not be ignored, if 'cool and minimal' is in this year, and you are a fiery, passionate person who loves to live life to the full, do you think following the fashion will create the perfect environment for you?

Colour Affects can help you choose the right colours for you, and for the purpose of each room.

Initial Consultation:
: Half a day
Cost: from GBP500 + VAT
Thereafter: From GBP400 per day/75 per hour + VAT

To discuss your residential interior design colour requirements call us on +44 (0)20 7233 9904 or email us. (link to info email)